Plann, the open source weekly task list

We live in complicated times.

It is increasingly difficult to keep professional and personal commitments under control.

For this reason there are many applications related to productivity, each app has some peculiarity that makes it more suitable for a certain use rather than another.

Most of them them require a membership, a learning curve and a subscription fee.

However we only use a small part of the tools offered by these services.

Maybe the good old paper agenda still has a lot of cards to play!

An alternative is to be able to manage your own list of work (or personal) commitments without any of the above.

But how to do it?

It's very simple: just download a text file to use as a template and save it on your computer desktop or on your private cloud storage so you will always have it at your fingertips.

For this reason I have created a special website called where you will find the instructions to do it and a file called plann.txt to download and modify as you prefer.

It is a simple, free and open approach that I believe can easily satisfy most of people's needs.

It is also a way to give something useful back to the open source community.

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