Cargo Tips

Tiny updates about the freight forwarding world

Designing your online presence for your professional needs or for your company is nowadays a “must have”.

It is an upgraded version of your business card.

A curated and targeted online activity can boost your business in many ways.

The path to reach your goals is not easy and must be continuously improved.

Both customers and transport market are always moving forward, the risk to sit down and left behind is high.

So what?

Keep in mind to be curious and proactive, your business will thank you.

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Transport situation keeps being challenging for forwarders worldwide. Lack of space is an issue maintaining air and seafreight rates on high level. Delays and congestions are common on many routes.

China power supply crisis has lead many factories to reduce production causing an increasing demand for air cargos due to postponed cargo ready dates.

As Christmas and Chinese New Year are approaching there are no forecast for a better freight situation in the short term.

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An easy tip for your shipments is labeling. Many customers do not put correct labels on their goods.

In general labels are very important in case of unlocated goods. They're an easy reference that may save you from loosing your goods.

So it's always advisable to put full shipper's and consignee's name on your material.

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A secure port to share my thoughts and some shipping tips to customers and forwarders.

This is the reason why I created this blog.

I do hope you will enjoy this site.

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Both customers and forwarders are eager of space for their seafreight containers or air cargos.

Having space it's the new holy grail.

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